INTERIOR SPECIFICATION : IIHT the Brand is maintained through an unique specification on all the centers across the globe.

Centres Building Entrance

Entrance with an OD(Out Door) advertisement

Reception Room
Reception room plays a key role for clients getting their first sight. Consultees and students make their first and last impression on their mind as seeing our reception room, so such place should always keep clean and tidy.

·         Receptionist’s desk and chair

·         Telephone

·         Computer

·         Telephone used only by visitors

·         Air condition environment

·         Desk/tea table for receiving guests

·         Chairs/Sofa

·         Computer/LCD screen displaying our courses

·         High quality carpet

·         Course material corner

·         IIHT background wall

·         High quality advertising posters on the wall

·         Water trough

Receptionist’s desk and chair
Desk is made of high quality wood with height of 1.5 meters. Chair should have wheels and the main color of the chair should be dark blue.

The receptionist should know about our courses and answer any queries. Besides, he/she is also capable of using computer very well.

The receptionist’s computer should have good enough deployment to load all course information and contact information. In the reception place, CRT or LCD display is required, and keyboard cable, mouse cable, internet cable and other cable is properly fixed.

Telephone used only by visitors
In the reception room, telephone should be available for visitors and ensured to be used in priority.

Air condition environment
Air condition reception room makes visitors to be comfortable.

Desk/tea table for receiving guests
A tea table is needed in reception room (the table top is better made of glass). At the same time, some local newspapers and technological magazines are provided.

Compared with chairs, we prefer to use sofa for visitors. The color of sofa must be harmonious with that of metope (wall color), some bright color is suggested.

Computer/LCD displaying our courses
In reception room, we should fully use the computer or LCD display to demonstrate our company and products, including some good speeches, seminar videos, feedback from students etc.

IIHT background wall
Behind of the receptionist, we could see IIHT Logo, and the color and size of IIHT logo is strictly regulated. The height is about 30-60 cm, color should be dark blue or stainless steel.


·         Desks

·         Chairs

·         Computers

·         Projection instrument

·         White board (Pen and Eraser)

·         Air conditions

·         Carpet

·         Wall and door

·         Internet and circuit

All desks are woody and in offwhite color. On top of desks, fix display, keyboard and mouse. Students could put their arms in the keyboard desks, so the desks should be firm.

Chairs in classrooms should use dark blue color, making students comfortable sitting. The back of chairs should firm enough. Wheels in chairs is preferred if space allow.

All deployment of classrooms/labs computers are accorded with teaching requirements (Details of deployment is written in the hardware and equipment list).

Projection instrument
It should be the LCD projection instrument fixed on the ceiling, and connected with teacher's computer. The machine should be high quality and can work in long time. It is also work together with projection screen (The screen can rise and drop automatically).

White board
White board can fixed on the wall or on the bracket. Magnetic white board is best choice. White board should have various color pens (black, blue, red), together with erasers.

Air-conditioned environnent
In the classroom, white air condition and central air condition is fixed. It could ensure students to be comfortable and cool computers and projection instrument.

Use dark blue color carpet to cover the whole floor of classrooms and labs. The carpet should be fixed, because it may move or break carpet when pulling and pushing chairs.

It is necessary to have good technical books in library. IIHT provide the books list. All books should put in the window cabinet neatly. Desks and chairs are given for students reading.

Teacher's Office

·         Appropriate room for teachers work and rest

·         Office’s desk and chair does not have the same style, but it should apply with center’s style

·         Drawer for teachers files and books

·         Telephone, power supply, internet

Counselor's Room

Assembly Room
Assembly room should have good woody desk and nice chairs. Small size projection instrument is fixed which could be used in discussing with clients. Good lights are also required avoiding to be sleepy.

High quality carpet
Choose high quality carpet covering total floor and keep clean. Once using carpet, the receptionist should ensure that the administrate department would always keep clean. The carpet is dark blue and waterproof.

Course material’s corner
Course material could transmit some valuable information to visitors and do market promoting for centers. All these course material should be kept in reception room, in order to be easier for visitors to get information directly.

High quality advertising posters on the wall
In the reception room, high quality advertising posters is necessary. Nice posters will display IIHT courses and future very well. We would best fix some lights on the top of posters.

Water trough
Water trough is put in some place which is conveniently for visitors to get water.
This is the key part of the training centers, it include:

Wall and doors
Wall and door’s surface need using woody material as decoration. Glass windows in the wall and door is preferred (attached Persian blinds or frosted sticker). If required, any person could see the on-site class delivery through transparent windows.

Internet and circuit
The internet and circuit should be covered very well, in order that it does not block people movement and looks well.

Air condition
Air condition is needed in counselor's room, in order to be comfortable in the room.

Chairs are in dark blue color, the back of the chair is firm enough and the wheels can turn around freely.

Counselors desk
Desks are necessary in counselor's room, and drawers can be put all materials and other information file about the consulting service.

Advertising posters
In counselor's room should put advertising posters, showing products, courses etc.

Counselors computer/telephone
Computer and telephone is necessary for student's consult.

Appropriate draught
Since the room is small, so need good draught and air condition. Enough space is also required to put more chair whenever needed.

Market, Sales Team Offices
The room is used for market/sales team. Each room should have drawers, desks, chairs and telephones. Each market and sales person should be access to internet connection. Enough space is needed for storing materials and other file.

Washroom (Men/Women)
Washroom should have Men/Women washroom. It should be better at the both ends of the same floor. Washroom should keep clean. There are many students in center, so it is important to keep clean.

Test Room
Students could get certification in the test center. Test center should have high quality software/hardware system and high-speed internet connection. Air condition and good draught is necessary.

Chief Executive and Center Manager’s Office
Office should have high quality desks and wheel chairs, carpet, LCD display, network system and telephone.

Server Room
Server room is the network center. For getting fresh air, there must be air equipment on the top of room. Machine ark and servers, switches, routers are put inside. Servers can’t put inside of the classroom. All these equipment have UPS.

Tea Room
Tea room is not the place for having food. It is the place for coffee and tea. In this room, all related equipment should be prepared.