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Successful Alliance
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IIHT Franchisee Business Prospect

Franchisee Business Prospect
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IIHT Educational Franchisee Opportunity

Educational Franchisee Opportunity
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How to Franchise a Business


By leveraging on the huge expertise gained by IIHT over the last 22 years of training students and corporate clients in I.T programs in India, China, and other countries, You can start opening a franchise in IT training in your region with IIHT. Apart from becoming a respected Businessman shaping the careers of hundreds of youth in your region by developing them as I.T professionals, you can also grow up the I.T Value chain by utilising students and trainers of your center in designing & developing I.T IMS solutions for turnkey projects in Networking, system integration, Wi-Fi, I.T security, Storage consulting etc. 
You can provide gainful employment to your students by associating with large organizations which regularly hire Trained, certified, Qualified & skilled I.T Professionals. You can achieve all these by working closely with the Key Account Manager of IIHT who would support you  by hand holding you and guide you right from the process of identifying the  ideal premises for setting up the IIHT Education center, Recruiting your staff, training them , Transferring technical know-how, Business know-how etc, to ensure that you understand the intricacies of the business to emulate IIHT’s success.
IIHT arranges experienced & certified trainers from India to be I.T Evangelists in your center as part of your team, to maintain the same quality of training delivered across all IIHT Centers. The TMS (Training Management System) of IIHT is a breakthrough process to make sure all students are provided equal opportunities to learn I.T skills in technologies in- demand in their region without any compromise on the Quality of training, Infrastructure and achieve Learning outcomes as outlined by IIHT for each program.
The finishing school programs offered at IIHT centers are designed by SME( Subject Matter Experts) and Practice Heads of each vertical of Technology, and so all students of IIHT  would be nurtured towards multiple career options in I.T after completing their programs successfully.
IIHT is looking for new business partners to set up training centers in Africa, Middle East & China and provide professional IT training. Be the first one to start IIHT training centers in your city. Don't miss this Business Opportunity. The percentage return on investment definitely will be 100%. Our head office provides full support in opening a franchise.




Start Master Franchise

IIHT Master Franchise

IIHT offers "Master Franchise Business Opportunity", for potentials who can start and get a big business running. Master Franchise would manage all IIHT's training centres in the territory and will be responsible to enrol and manage new IIHT unit franchises under its allotted territory. If you have a clear understanding of the IT Education Industry and you are in a mission to promote education we would love to have you as a part of our Master Franchise Programme.

Start Unit Franchise

IIHT Unit Franchise

"Unit Franchise Business Opportunity" is a Low Cost Business Opportunity for business people who want to start, engage & promote IT Training Centres. This plan builds your association with a famous international brand like IIHT. Hence, it is a safe and good investment option. If you think your area of operation has an upcoming demand for IT training,this is the right time to start your Training Centre. Get in touch with us for any queries or assistance.

For University

IIHT University Setup

IIHT provides training to schools, colleges & universities across the globe.Being affiliated to IIHT unlocks the world of IIHTs Intellectual property, course materials, best practices and of course the Brand name. We ensure all students receive high quality training and all centres maintain the same level of quality and training outcome. If you require IIHT's expertise in running IT training centres in your campus do get in touch with us to know more.


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