IIHT’s expertise in IT IMS training is absolute and its timely adaptation to latest technology trends has made IIHT most preferred training centre in hardware and networking across Asia. IIHT franchises are spread across India. IIHT ventured out to China in 2005 and has ever since reaching out to countries across the world. IIHT also offer courses in Graduation Program (B.Sc IMS), Post Graduation Program (M.Sc IMS) & MBA in Test Centre Management making it most preferred among all its competitors.

IIHT boasts about the talent pool created and supplied to IT majors of the world for two decades. IIHT is a pioneer in many technology and infrastructure certifications and is providing the best pedigree of talent to the global job market since 1993.

IIHT’s presence since the dawn of the technology boom and its rich experience of training students for two decades, persistent enhancing and adapting to every new innovation, has made it one among a few experts in the field today. Leveraging on IIHT’s core competence, GLS has identified and focussed on three critical aspects of I.T Training- Technical Infrastructure, Quality Courseware and Qualified trainers to equip Franchise Business partners in West Africa, East Africa, South Africa, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Middle East and many other countries.

IIHT is Country Specific
Academic programs offered by local universities,
Language/medium of instruction,
Availability of resources,
Advancement in technology,
Employment opportunities,
Affordability etc..

GLS at IIHT studies each new region and is specialised in adaptations of IIHT based on critical requirements of the respective region.

IIHT has strategic alliances with Institutions like EDEXCEL, UK. EDEXCEL has recognized the 2 year IIHT diploma course as BTEC Higher National Diploma – IT IMS. IT IMS Education Program in partnership with Sikkim Manipal University is also offered to students at IIHT. IIHT has partnered with Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Symantec, Redhat, Sun Microsystems, Net Apps, CompTia, CITRIX, VMware, EMC² and many more IT majors to create certification programs that is most relevant to real time requirements. Large numbers of students enrol into these courses and reap the benefits.

Business Partner
By becoming a franchisee you become a business partner with IIHT. There is a huge demand for IT (IMS) trained pupil around the globe in this era of fast growth and technology advancements. With growing gap between education and Employability Quotient, a franchise could act as a bridge in any given economy. Developed and developing nations equally face the talent crunch and thus there is huge demand for vocational training that is being provided by IIHT. Apart from developing the much needed skilled work force that would be qualified and trained in state of the art technologies, in your country, you would also be able to generate revenue for your organisation as well as benefit from handsome returns for your investment.

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As an IIHT business partner you will be responsible for:

  • Provisioning of necessary investments
  • Provide Premises with fully equipped training facilities
  • Provide recommended Infrastructure (Hardware & Software)
  • To procure all statutory approvals from the relevant authorities in the Govt
  • Execution of business plan and strategies as approved by IIHT
  • Setup highly talented local team to execution of business plan
  • Achieve business goals, revenue targets and gross margins as directed by IIHT
  • Operating and running Centre Of Excellence
  • Tie up support with Government, Labour Ministry and Companies
  • Sales & Marketing of courses
  • Procuring Visas and work permits

IIHT may also sign up with you, making you the Master Franchisee for an entire nation depending upon factors like population, competition, cost of living, unemployment, ICT penetration, availability of University academic courses and the like. Master Franchises have more responsibilities and hence there will be many additional criterions that they have to fulfil based on country and other aspects. Looking for more information, Write to us! Message...