BSc IT IMS Course

BSc IT IMS (Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) is a fast growing IT services sector which is intended to improve the reliability of information infrastructure and to reduce the fault impact on the IT operations of large enterprise.

Career Options in IMS Industry

·IT Desk Services which caters to the first layer of IT Infrastructure (PCs), i.e., desktop management, a comprehensive approach to manage all the PCs within an organization and desk-side or on-site support services.

·Application Management Services forms the next level of services and covers the application layers of the network such as Business objects, SAP, and Oracle. These are services to maintain, enhance, and manage all types of software applications, which might include maintenance, upgrades, and performance analysis.

·Hardware Supports Services that cater to the core network (hardware parts) and require deep technical know-how of the components like databases, servers, and storage systems.

·Data Center Services where the data center could be a centralized repository, either physical or virtual for storage. And management, dissemination of data, and information are organized in relation to a particular business or main purpose of a data ceter is running applications that handle core business and operational data.

·Hosting Services are designed to transform legacy solution into a fully Web-architected application, which can be deployed as a hosted application.

· Server Management which could be an Intelligent Platform Management Interface, a specification for the equipment that monitors the physical environment and behavior of a computer hardware server.

· Hardware Support Services also includes managed network services, which includes services like LAN, WAN, Voice, Voice over IP (VoIP), and telephony.

·  Administrative and Consultative performed in managing, planning, or building a network

· Security Management Services which  include firewall management, access control management, identity management, and mainframe management services

· IT Students are required to  continue to upgrade their learning due to advancements in technology

· Telecom, petrochemical, banking, insurance, public undertakings, Government sectors, IT and ITES firms and most of the corporate companies are opting for IT implementation on a big scale. In addition to these, even the SOHO segment is growing fast.

· As per NASSCOM-McKinsey report, the total addressable market is estimated to be US$ 1.2 trillion globally.

· The sudden growth has created a wide gap between demand and supply of hardware and networking professionals. There is an immediate necessity in millions of IMS professionals by 2013 and the demand is likely to increase further in the coming years.

 Objectives of the Course 

At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

·Troubleshoot PC and Peripheral hardware

·Administer Enterprise Networks and Operating Systems (cross-platform)

·Administer Desktops and servers

·Manage Applications

·Secure IT resources and Administer Security Policies

·Administer and manage Databases

·Fine tune the IT Performance

·Handle virtualization projects and work on VDCs and Vms

·Plan and Administer Data Backups and manage disaster recovery

·Plan, design and architect IT infrastructure and its upgradation

·Perform remote infrastructure and application management.

·Work in Cloud Environment

·Customize IT environment using scripting

Jobs Profiles

·         IT Infrastructure  Engineer

·         Server specialist

·         Tech Support Specialist

·         System Administrator

·         Networking Engineer

·         IT security administrator

·         Mail Server Administrator

·         Security Specialist

·         Enterprise System administrator

·         Virtualization Administrator

·         Data Protection Specialist

·         Storage and Security Manager

·         Database Administrator

·         Cloud Specialist

·         Programmer

·         Data Center Architect

·         Clustering Specialist

·         IT Manager

·         EDP Manager