Keshav Raju -
Group MD, CEO
Keshav is a visionary entrepreneur in the field of education who is responsible for the inception of IIHT way back in 1993. Keshav is a qualified engineer in electronics and communications. His knowledge, vision and commitment have led IIHT to create a niche in hardware and network training across India and far beyond. IIHT is a leading technology training institute in Asia and Africa and now has its presence in over 22 countries across the world. IIHT has never looked back, under his leadership. His persona has raised solidarity across franchises.
Murali Mohan -
Murali has been part of IIHT family for 17 years. An engineer in electronics, he has accumulated rich experience and knowledge from his 12 years career in Ministry of Defense as Head of Department, Research and Development. He was part of the team that developed and commissioned automatic data handling system for air defence systems. As a result of his guidance and his distinguished chieftain, IIHT has not only spread across India but is now seeing new horizons across the globe. He has spear headed the global operations for over a decade and IIHT has been growing exponentially under his leadership ever since. He is a leader and a mentor to the IIHT fraternity.
Debashish Naik -
Director for Academic Affairs
Debashish a Management Consultant and an Educator has over 23 years of professional experience in leading organizations IBM, Wipro, Perot Systems, PWC, Hindustan Lever Ltd, United Nations and in mevocon in various managerial and leadership role covering industry/sector such as Management Consulting, Global IT Delivery Services, Public Sector, Development Sectors, FMCG Manufacturing, and in Healthcare. His work experience spans over strategic change initiatives, public sector reforms, performance improvement, institutional and project capacity building, process excellence, project & program management, delivery excellence & quality assurance, innovation, supply chain management and application of Theory of Constraints for business & operational performance improvement.
B S Rajan -
General Manager
Rajan has been with IIHT for more than 15 years. He joined IIHT as Business Manager of IIHT’s own Branch in 1997 and has handled various responsibilities as a Profit Center Head with IIHT. Rajan has hands on experience in setting up IIHT centers in India and abroad, Training the teams of Franchise centers in Academic alliances, Enterprise Training solutions, Individual training solutions, Recruitment, Operations, and Franchise support. As General Manager of IIHT Technologies, Rajan has the responsibility to offer pro active support to the Franchise centers reach the Business objectives.