IIHT has more than 200+ centers in India and presence in more than 20 countries worldwide. IIHT Technologies manages the overseas operations of IIHT (India) . IIHT Technologies offers unparalleled training solutions catering to the requirements of students aspiring to become I.T Professionals, Fresh Graduates , Enterprise/Corporate clients, Government departments and unemployed youth, through each of its franchises across the centres.

The company is dedicated to provide enriched training solutions to businesses and individuals that enables to achieve measurable learning outcomes. IIHT has demonstrated high rate of success in countries such as China, Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Togo, Uganda, Liberia, Benin and Turkey etc.


  • Founded in 1993
  • Core Business – IMS Education & Training
  • No. 1 IMS Education and Training organization in India
  • Presence in over 20 countries with Corporate office in Bangalore
  • 11 Regional Offices in India and 4 outside
  • WOFE(Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) in China 
  • Trained more than a million students
  • BCCL, Times of India group is one of the stake holders
  • 20 Years of experience in IT IMS related training

IIHT’s Domain Expertise

  • Delivered 500 millions of man hours of training
  • Over 4000 Instructors on cutting edge technologies
  • Conducted over 1 million man hours of Corporate Training
  • Developed high quality content on various Technologies and Skills
  • Conducted regular TTT programs
  • 6000+ employees in India
  • 200+ training centers across India

Business Prospects for IT Education & Training:

World wide, Computers have changed everything in life, how the world works, how we conduct our  daily routine etc.Just recall the world 15-20 years back, when there were no mobile phones, no ATM’s, No internet, no social media etc. It is impossible for most of us to go  back to that life again, because Computers have really made our lives so easy.

At the same time, computers and Networks need human beings to be of use to us. Whether it is critical health care or automobile repair, or airlines, or telecom, Computers and Networks need qualified , certified Manpower. In fact for every 50 computers, there is a need for atleast one qualified PC Tech support specialist, who is also called as PC Hardware engineer. Similarly there are many different job roles in IT which require skilled Manpower, whether it is to administer the Security , storage, systems, networks, or niche technologies like Virtualization, Cloud computing , Big Data etc.

But there is a huge gap between the requirement and availability of skilled IT Manpower. This Demand-supply gap is very high in Africa and in many other regions like Latin America , ASEAN etc. Though many among the general public equate Software as Information technology, software jobs are only one segment of the huge IT industry. There are many other verticals like IT Infrastructure Management, I.T Hardware, Peripheral Hardware Manufacturing & Maintenance, Telecom, Embedded systems, IT Enabled services etc. There is a huge demand for candidates who have deep skills in these verticals.

On the other hand, large number of graduates pass out of Educational Institutions with out relevant skills  required for recruitment in IT and IT enabled services. They spend considerable time and money to get in to IT industry and end up spending money on learning courses which are not properly taught, due to lack of required infrastructure, non availability of qualified teachers  to train, and the paucity of resources required to understand the requirements and develop industry relevant contents.

At IIHT, we have accumulated  knowledge, experience and expertise gained in creating a talent pool in India, with 2 decades of training hundreds of thousands of Indian students across the country. IIHT has played a significant role in the development  and growth of Indian IT industry over the years. Leveraging on this expertise of converting India’s weakness in to strength by transforming large number of  unemployed Indian youth to employable skilled manpower for I.T industry,  IIHT is offering its expertise to Businessmen who are keen to replicate India’s success in I.T, in their respective countries. The Franchise opportunity of IIHT is an ideal proposition in this context of achieving twin objectives, one- setting up a profitable business in I.T industry, second- enabling the country to rise above unemployment and related issues by developing a talent pool of properly trained, industry certified , Academically qualified candidates.