Change Management Capabilities

Change management is an important process, because it can deliver vast benefits (by improving the system and thereby satisfying "customer needs"), but also enormous problems (by ruining the system and/or mixing up the change administration). Furthermore, at least for the Information Technology domain, more funds and work are put into system maintenance (which involves change management) than to the initial creation of a system. Typical investment by organizations during initial implementation of large ERP systems is 15 - 20% of overall budget.

  • Change Request Logging for End Users, Problem and Change Teams
  • Support for multiple Change Teams - Change Advisory Board (CAB), CAB/Emergency, Build, Test Implementation, Release and other teams
  • Support for Standard, Minor, Major and Emergency Change Management
  • Support for Change Approvals/Rejections & Authorizations
  • Support for Change Calendar, Notification and Reminders
  • Support for Risk Analysis & Post Implementation Reviews
  • Ability to relate Change Requests to Incidents, Problems, Configuration Items
  • Strong Audit Log capabilities for Change history
  • Notifications & Alerts available on Change status
  • Web based Reports, Analytics, Real time dashboards available
  • Role based Permission & Access control for data and action