Incident Management Training in IIHT

Incident Management procedure is to manage the damage from security incidents and malfunctions, and to monitor and learn from such incidents so as to:

  • Restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and to minimize the impact on business operations there by ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained
  • Provide a remedy/permanent fix as quickly as possible to avoid possible failures or potential failures in the IT infrastructure/services
  • Ensure that service quality and availability meet required SLA’s

Our capabilities

  • Flexible Routing based on type, category, classification of incidents
  • Routing by – Incident type/category/classification, Team, Role, Date/Time, Location, etc.
  • Transfers, Allocations, Ownership, Lock, Hold, Reopen, etc. supported
  • SLA support for Response & Resolution including escalations
  • Ability to relate Incidents with Problems, Changes, Configuration Items
  • Known Errors and Knowledge Base lookup available
  • Ability to link Minor Incidents with Major incidents
  • End User Closure and Rating support
  • Web and Email based call logging
  • Support for multiple teams
  • Strong Audit Log capabilities for Incident history
  • Notifications & Alerts available on Incident state change
  • Web based Reports, Analytics, Real time dashboards available
  • Role based Permission & Access control for data and actions
  • Bi-direction Incident Management integration with Tivoli Enterprise Console