IT Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) is a broad term that includes comprehensive day-to-day management of IT infrastructure needs of any organization. It covers the entire spectrum including network, server, desktop, databases, application as well as administration and security.

IMS can be offered as onsite or offshore, or as a hybrid model with partly offshore and partly on-site management. IT Infrastructure Management plays a vital role in solving the growing business needs of medium and large enterprises. When business demands expand horizontally, also a responsibility of maintaining these component needs comes along with it. This increase is directly proportional to the growth of an organization. Thus IT IMS can create millions of job opportunity to the students. However it is important that to fuel the growth of such manpower intensive services industry, high-end IT technical skills in English is essential.

Global Market size of IMS

  •   According to McKinsey & Company report for NASSCOM, the Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) industry is worth $524 billion.
  •   Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) is currently estimated to grow at a compounded annual rate of 4% over the next four years.
  •   According to Gartner, IT management, which refers to day-to-day management of IT assets and processes and would represent IMS, presents a market opportunity of US$ 150 billion.
  •   Developing countries are well positioned to capture a share of this growth.