IIHT Franchise

IIHT is amongst Asia's top IT training organizations. It was started in the year 1993 and has been expanding in India and abroad since then.

The main vision of IIHT is to remain relevant to IT industry by providing skilled manpower mapped to job-specific positions in IT industry in the areas of IT Infrastructure Management, application development, IT security and Cloud computing, Mobile computing, Big data management and data analytics and data center architecture and automation etc.

IIHT’s outcome-based education system helps a student to be a proactive technology expert besides obtaining skills mapped to specific job roles in IT. This is a unique differentiator in the job market and projects IIHT apart from the competition.

Long-term Partnership with organizations like Apple, IBM, HP, Sun Micro System, Oracle, VMware, Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, SCO, Redhat, Suse, Novel, Cloudera, and Symantec, contributed immensely to our exposure to technologies at enterprise levels.

Over the years, IIHT has perfected its course and content development, delivery systems and quality process, T3 mechanisms. The IIHT certified trainers travel across the globe in the quest for learning & training the latest advancements in technology or to delivery hands-on experience on the upgrade in an existing technology.

IIHT owns a unique Virtual cloud data center and provides ‘Learning-as-a-Service’ training on the cloud. It will get rid of the need for large and complex infrastructure, making learning simple and affordable and enable participants to get an easy access to learn, manage and build cloud anywhere, anytime with any kind of computing device.

This service supports IIHT centers across the world simultaneous learning of 20,000 individuals at reasonable cost, available on subscription, pay only on use, individually customizable for any IT learning environment.

By leveraging on the expertise in training more than 10,50,000 students in its past 20+ years of existence across India through more than 200+ training centers and also the employees of 1200 Corporate clients on Induction training, Lateral training and niche programs customised to the requirements of each organization.

IIHT has designed & developed comprehensive Academic programs in IT & IMS. The largest private university in India, SMU has accredited IIHT’s 3 years IMS program and awards BSc IT IMS Degree for the students who successfully complete the program from IIHT Learning centers in India, China, and Africa.

Leveraging on the employability of students, Industry acceptance & recognition of this program, IIHT has enhanced the contents and raised the bar higher with a new program which is currently being validated by a University from the UK. This 3 years BSc program would lead to multiple career options for students.

IIHT, being an education and services organization fits into this role of developing programs relevant to ICT requirements. Students across the world benefit from IIHT’s experience in delivering IT skills which in most of the cases across the world is found to be inadequate to readily deploy and manage the services as mandated by the employers/Global ITSM standards.

Unemployment-Issues and Challenges

After analyzing unemployment in India, Africa, and some Middle East countries, IIHT found that the most important reason for unemployment is the poor quality of graduates, who lack skills for employability in corporate companies and Enterprises in these countries. Only around 20% of graduates and 35% of engineering graduates are directly employable. It is also found that quality of education delivered in most institutions is very poor.

So, the main challenge today is not only making the graduates employable but also to ensure that there is a number of competent Industry ready Graduates for better productivity & innovation. Earlier, Fresh graduates who get hired by leading companies have to go through an Induction on Product oriented or Process oriented or focused in-house training programs. These programs are usually driven & guided by internal engineers, Managers  & Product/process specialists and for over 4 to 6 months. These programs involve a lot of efforts, time & costs for any corporate. But these days due to the focus on higher profitability and high attrition, Corporate do not invest in time, Money or effort to train new recruits. They expect the candidates to be productive right from the first day.

So, most of the students passing out do not get adequate opportunities to get the required on-the-job training/industry exposure while they are studying. This limits their technical know-how and competency. This is why Finishing schools have become a necessity for the students across the world. While colleges provide an academic education, finishing schools add in terms of the required on job skills, diagnostic skills, and teach students what is not taught in their books- the practical knowledge required in I.T providing a well-planned framework that would encompass what the corporate need and accordingly train the students to be Industry ready.

There is a huge obsession with capacity creation in Colleges and Universities but the emphasis should be much more on quality. Due to various factors like paucity of resources, Corruption, non- availability of required technical infrastructure, lack of Qualified and experienced trainers, Governments in most countries are not giving priority to the development of Standard in education.

Instead of the present system of emphasis on Graduation by memorizing, which generates mostly paper certificates, education system requires a serious relook at the processes employed for creation and dissemination of knowledge in the institutions of higher learning and technological universities. The imperatives of new knowledge era are to be acknowledged and the challenge of the Globalised higher education should be addressed by creating a tech-savvy education system to develop job skills to all students.

‘Industry and Academia connect’ is critical to ensure curriculum and skills in line with requirements. Skill building is really very crucial to ensure employability, Academia to understand and make sure that knowledge + skills+ global professional skills = good jobs.

To bridge Industry & Education sector gap by catering to the needs of Industry & Students, IIHT and the unique programs offered by IIHT are important-

To create a path where Industry & Educational institutions can synergize efforts to train better manpower

Develop the requisite Industry know-how for students to facilitate better employability

Ensure number of Industry ready Graduates pool is available for the Industry to recruit

IIHT has verticals (independent departments) headed by business heads with vast industry experience. Business development, strategic alliance management, facility and support management, core technical team, course development, relationship management, quality control, creative and market research, placement and consultancy, HR and finance, corporate training and IIHT global services, employ world-class resources to deliver the best solutions.

Skills-based on Modernized Technology

The industry is always in need of skilled professionals to harness the changing technology so that their skills are on par with current technologies. Hence, professionals need hands-on training skills.


The training is process driven with proper instructor manuals and training aids. There are student and instructor manuals, ready reckoners and slide presentations to keep the trainer focused on the subject. Lab exercises, mock tests, and quizzes are well defined and simplified. IIHT, with the help of its principal IT companies, has been able to master a delivery mechanism that is independent of the trainers. Hence it has become possible to achieve high standards and uniformity in the quality of education imparted across all the centers.

Comprehensive content

With an experience of more than a decade, IIHT has attained an enviable deal of dexterity in developing simplified, clear, systematic and comprehensive course content to match ready reckoners, slides and other audio-visual aids. The quality of courseware in terms of look and content is the best that is available in the industry. Provision is made to add all updates as and when required.

Industry recognized faculty

IIHT has a core technical team which comprises globally certified trainers who are highly rated.

20 Years of experience in training and education

Delivered 500 millions of man-hours of training

Over 4000 trainers on cutting-edge technologies

Conducted over 1 million man-hours of corporate training

Developed large content on various technologies and skills

Conducts regular TTT programs

6000+ employees in India

The instructors at IIHT invariably get certified by the IT principals before induction. The regular quality audit is conducted on all aspects of training including instruction. Faculty skill development is a continuous process at IIHT's centers

IIHT Online examination

Assessment Management System is an online testing application exclusively available to the students at IIHT centers, through which a student can get his/her IIHT certificate.

Students are trained in subject point of view, essential Job skills, case studies and also international certification examination point of view. But to ensure that students do not fail in the International certification exams which cost anywhere between $80 to $1500 per exam, IIHT prepares the students by conducting daily quiz online. Later, at the end of each module, students are assessed by Assignments and workshops, small projects relevant to the technology, followed by a module end IIHT online exam. The students who have completed the respective subjects are sent passwords to appear for exams on a predetermined date and time slot. Students would experience similar environment to a vendor certification exam and once they pass IIHT internal online exams and qualify for the IIHT Certificate, they would be confident enough to appear in vendor exams.

IIHT has been offering the technical and Business know-how developed over the last 2 decades of experience in the world’s most competitive Training market –India, to the franchise partners. For the last 20 years, more than 200 franchise partners have benefited from IIHT’s expertise in delivering quality training on various IT Programs which are in great demand among students, Corporate clients in India and abroad.

The systems and processes followed religiously by IIHT have ensured that IIHT’s Business partners are able to leverage on the demand for real-time IT skills and convert the opportunity into a profitable business. The students have been brand ambassadors for IIHT. For Businessmen who want a safe business opportunity which also gives them a respect in society, IIHT Franchise is an ideal proposition because apart from the profit, Businessmen stand to gain respect due to their role in developing and nurturing a skilled human resource pool in the country and for guiding the careers of many youths in IT Industry.