Systems and Desktop Management Training in IIHT

IIHT approach to system and desktop management provides a range of services that improve desktop deployment efficiency by:

  • Maximising the return on investment in desktop software
  • Minimising the effort and cost associated with the deployment of a standardised and secure desktop operating environment and
  • Providing a manageable desktop operating environment that maximises end-user productivity and minimises support costs

We understand and assess the business and financial impact of desktop fleet management in a distributed environment. As a result, our processes and tools are designed to reduce the associated service management costs. Our tailored services for system and desktop management can be implemented either individually or as a practical suite based on client requirements.

These services include:

  • An Environmental Assessment
  • An Operational Assessment
  • Desktop Deployment
  • Patch Management
  • Software Licence Asset Management
  • Desktop Management Service

Each element is planned and implemented in structured and phased approach using a formal project delivery methodology.