Wireless Networks & Security Solutions

IIHT provides complete state of the art solutions based on Wi-Fi, Wi-Max. Our solutions provide specialized range of products that allows seamless integration for an end to end wireless network. Some of the highlights are:

  • Extends your e-business security program into the wireless environment. All-encompassing network sensors that can respond to a wide range of intrusions.
  • Monitors network access points around the clock - 24x7. This vigilance can help support your network security policy, facilitate real-time intrusion identification, diminish intrusion damage, and increase the possibility of identifying an attacker
  • Helps detect intrusions and mitigate damage through continuous oversight with wireless intrusion detection devices and services.

The Wireless solutions enable Enterprises, Campus Network and robust and reliable connectivity. We provide specialized wireless security solution designed to supplement existing network intrusion detection systems. Our core competencies in wireless solutions include:

  • Point to Point Connectivity
  • Point to Multi point Connectivity
  • Campus wide area distribution
  • Wireless LAN Network
  • Campus and premises extensions